Project Number

VOLUTORING – Volunteer-based tutoring model for low-skilled migrants & refugees


A-  To foster social inclusion of low-skilled adult migrants in their recipient countries by building their literacy, numeracy and digital skills; and

B-  To elevate the level of support skills’ building services to   migrants by introducing a new tutoring methodology,   facilitated by volunteers.


Duration of the Project:

01.09.2018 – 30.08.2020 (24 MONTHS)

Basic Activities:

1.Design and development of capacity building course for volunteer tutors

1.1. Preparatory work

1.2 Specification of the didactic methodology

1.3 Content Development of capacity building course on literacy, numeracy and digital skills


2.Design, development and piloting of capacity building web platform

2.1 Development of web platform infrastructure

2.2 Pilot Testing Implementations

2.3 Finalisation and Translation of the Web platform and upload of the capacity building content

Expected Results:

  •  Enhanced LNDS (literacy, numeracy and digital skills) of at least 120 low-skilled/low-qualified adult migrants in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Cyprus and Italy (20 per Country);
  • Developed capacities of at least 60 volunteers or higher education graduates – potential volunteers in applying comprehensive tutoring methodologies;
  • Innovative capacity building methodologies (tutoring) aiming at maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness not only in project countries but also at EU level;
  • Enhanced awareness and knowledge (through info sessions and other dissemination means) of at least 280 (in total) volunteers, professionals and other persons interested to become tutors in Countries on using the new tool and methodology to provide tailor-made services to their target group.

Innovative Approach of The Project:

The project is innovative in its scope, given that the capacity building offered to volunteer tutors will be based on an online platform deploying pioneer tutoring pedagogies on a wide range of thematic areas relevant to building LDNS of low skilled migrant adults.

This online platform will be an user firendly tool with;

  • high accessibility,
  • with flexible user-friendly digital development,
  • allowing easy adaptability in multiple contexts,
  • enhancing the digital integration in learning, and
  • supporting its sustainability and compatibility with any social and learning challenges.